You will attract more of that.

What do you believe?
Do you believe you are lucky, that things always work out?
Do you believe the world is kind, evil, scary? Do you believe Trump and the North Korean dictator have your life in their volatile hands? (Thats a whole other subject for another time!Ha)

They say that whatever you TRULY believe you will attract more of. You will attract it from all angles and multiple sources.

‘What you BELIEVE shapes and molds the world around you.’

I was thinking of this yesterday when I was talking to a family member who believes in this mantra:

‘Life is suffering. Then you die’.

Fun eh?

I then had to question my own deep beliefs about…everything. Myself, the world, Life itself. It was an interesting thought to ponder.

According to many studies, you can actually heal yourself of illnesses using BELIEF alone.

There is a medical term for this. ‘ The Placebo Affect’.

Based on medicine.com a placebo is a fake treatment (could be sugar or distilled water etc.) but it often times improves the patients conditions simply because the person has the BELIEF and expectation that it will.

Patients have cured themselves of cancers, even torn ligaments all with the Placebo — aka their OWN BELIEFS.

We create that placebo by acting ‘as if’.

Yes Faking it till we make it. Or, play the role even before we audition. If you want to be a successful take on the image of success.

What does that look like? Feel like? If you were successful or peaceful or whatever, right now what actions would you take?

That’s a great question to ask yourself.

Then they say to ‘carry yourself in that same manner.’ Begin to talk and interact as if it is already a fact.

You trick the subconscious mind into thinking it is already happening. You will be able to match the frequency of your thoughts.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of your desired state and you cannot help but to get that reality. There can be no other way’. — Esther and Jerry Hicks

By taking on these characteristics you then believe it is possible and what you

BELIEVE creates your reality.

ACT as if its already a reality.
SPEAK as if its already a fact.

Ok. It’s a great theory. I’ll try it out today. How bout you?



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