He’s 90 years old and ‘Just Getting Started’.

I saw Tony Bennett last night on an interview talking about his wonderful life and how he just celebrated his 90th birthday. DAMN. This guy makes me teary-eyed every time I watch him.

His inspirational happy vibe and total appreciation for life is contagious and life affirming.

His new book is called ‘Just Getting Started’. Can you believe it? He’s just getting started at 90.

What is OUR problem? I’m 55 and sometimes I can sense my time clock ticking and sometimes feel I don’t have that much time left.

Tony seems to savor and appreciate each moment and just emanates gratitude and reverence for life!

The Wall Street Journal reviewed his book this way:

‘What comes through in all 42 chapters is the singer’s gratitude…Let’s hope this new generation can learn a lesson from Mr. Bennett’s unflagging class and graciousness.’

He says ‘I just want to make the audience feel good, thats all’. This is obvious.

I love his humility and sincere acknowledgment of all of the ‘wonderful artists’ he has worked with in his life. His smile is infectious too.

He even applauds for his audience during his concerts. In between songs he puts his microphone under his armpit and claps while nodding happily at the audience.

What a guy! What a treasure of a human!

He was asked ‘So do you still paint?”

He said ‘Yes. every day. Every single day!’ with a big grin.

What inspires him? He said he lives across the street from Central Park and just seeing the nature every day outside his window keeps him inspired and in awe.

He also said “I still have so much to learn’.

People who wake up with the willingness and eagerness to learn seem to have the key to life. When there’s much to learn there’s much to live for.

I have a feeling he will be around for a long time too. I sure hope so!

I love knowing I am in the same Universe as Tony Bennett.


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