Michelle Monet’s three poetry books.

Reading her book of poems is life changing! It’s like allowing yourself to be reborn! Into the Light and Love of Joy, Happiness, and Sadness! It was my pot of gold at the beginning of my rainbow today! I haven’t read anything life changing since Penny Marshall! Can’t wait to read her next one! So happy she could share her life with the world! Get inspired, be inspiring!’ – Vicci, Amazon Reader

‘Not just a book AN EXPERIENCE! Her humor, her precision, was equally matched by her sensitivity in each and every word she chose.’ Anne Peterson Author

 ‘5 stars! Get this book NOW!! Creativity requires a certain madness, as evidenced in this first published book by Michelle Monet.’- Barbara S. Reader

 ‘5.0 out of 5 stars. AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ BOOK!!!!!!! I highly recommend this book….it was a very insightful, entertaining, and sometimes poignant lookinto the life and thoughts of Michelle Monet, clearly a highly creative and talented woman. I think most of us can relate to some of the topics and ponderings that Michelle so generously shared with her readers. This book should definitely put on your TO BUY list….you won’t be sorry!!! AWESOME!!!!’- Anne, Amazon Reader

‘Personal, yet universal. Lighthearted, yet solid and insightful. And sometimes … the author brings it all together in a poem that attacks the sorrow of life, illuminating it from the darkness where it hides. A story in poems you don’t want to miss.’-  D.A. Hickman, Author of ‘Silence of Morning’

 ‘ ‘ Her poems are often simple but that’s just the point. Whimsical, childlike and at turns profound, there Is the sense of true poet playing a flirtatious peek-a-boo game with her first published audience, like the lament on menopause interrupted by the phrase “I just want pie.” That one made me laugh out loud. She’s a bit of a tease and at her best when she teases us to confront life arduous challenges, with a playful and unbounded sense of humor. As the old saying goes, “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” Michelle Monet’s courage isn’t all that emerges in her poetry – she also seems to get the joke. She in on the act, part of the punchline, writing from the wings. She’s a refreshing and fun voice, with some dark moments to share, but always prepared to rebound with enthusiasm. Highly recommend it for those who need a lift in mood...or want to spend time with a kindred spirit who has learned to ride life’s up and downs like a roller-coaster ride to what-the-heck and back!‘ — Robert Plaff, Author, Amazon reader

‘5 stars! Each one unfolded like the petals of a rose exposing raw emotion. I was taken away by the poetry between these pages.’ Frances Pillam. Author

‘I literally could not put this book down! I lost all sense of my surroundings and danced in the world of this creative author with elation.‘ – Helen Beth Sicignanoon, Amazon Reader

 ”BRAVE and honest, reflective and healing.’Moya Morris, Amazon Reader

  ‘POETRY PEARLS!  5 stars. I’ve never been moved to write a review but this one is the exception!’-had to be written. Michelle Monet has developed the most accessible poetry book I have ever read’ – Hillary Langford, Amazon Reader

‘I am also one who doesn’t read much poetry I but I am a Michelle Monet fan! I am not quite done with the book..but some of my favorite ‘lines’ include: she wanted to use her words like a soft chiffon scarf to wrap around her to protect her from the harsh air.’ I can feel the scarf…soft & warm.. ‘they say it’s just the hormones this female lore is well known…GET ME A FAN!’..(the menopause poem)..been there, done that! ‘i thought 30 just might be the perfect number but now im 50 waiting patiently.’ yep! ‘make your square peg fit better in this circled round holed world’ .. yep yep yep!!! thank, Michelle, for giving me some poetry I can appreciate!’ – Marion McGlaughlin, Amazon Reader

 ‘Loved this book!!!!! !Brilliant, bold, brazen, and sublime. Powerful, poignant and personal! Inspiring, insightful and intriguing!! Amazing writer.’Maggie Ervin, Amazon Reader

A EUPHORIC  JOURNEY! By the time I delved into the third chapter of the book, I became completely mesmerized with each passage…’Kiki Stamatiou, Author

‘Catch a Poem by the Tale was just great!! My favorite poems were: 3 Poems A Day; Menopause and the delightful; The Floodgates have Opened. I would use exclamation marks, but Amazon doesn’t allow them. With many insightful chapters like; Thoughts Deep and Lighthearted, Capetown, and Hope & Inspiration just to give you three. The whole book is a wonderful pool of inspiration and emotions. Some Awesome, Some Sad, like the whole chapter Sadness & Grief which brought me to tears, both for the writer and for myself, but I came through the journey a better human being. So don’t expect all sunshine and light, this book goes from the highest highs and the darkest lows all with poetry beautifully written. It is a wonderful journey to take. Step right up and dive in the pool of poems.’ — Jenny P. – Amazon Reader

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