I don’t.

Winston Churchill said:

‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’.

It seems that optimism is a trait that isn’t as pervasive today as it was back in Churchills time. I just feel this is true especially with the world situation these days.

I do know a few optimists. Not that many but a few. It seems that most of the optimists I know have become a bit pessimistic lately.

My dad for instance. He’s 85.

He is a happy go lucky dude for the most part. He’s been one to put his head in the sand (Ostrich man?) in his life.

He always seems to want to find what’s good in any situation.

sometimes envy that quality in a person because I am often the pessimistic one.

Lately though with all the shitty, crappy news, politics upheavals, world terrorist crap, refugees, HealthCare uncertainties and all the other scary shit — even my dad seems to have become more of a pessimist lately.

The other day on the phone he ended our conversation with this cheerful message:

‘Well… just try to get SOME JOY out of life’.


He used to spout far more upbeat words of wisdom in our conversations.

Now it’s just ‘Try to get SOME joy”…

Wow, dad. Now I see that even HE is turning to the darker pessimistic side.

I’ve known since I was a young girl that I was a worrier and a less than optimistic person — but I could always count on my dad to be the ‘look on the bright side’, ‘ half full cup’ guy.


My dad is also a compulsive exerciser. A trophy-winning handball player. He goes to Yoga 4 times a week. He might be the only 86 year old man in a yoga class of mainly young women but hey that’s his thing.

He lives for exercise like I have lived for creative expression. He seems to also live for optimism. Or he used to anyway.

 When I’ve been in major trouble in my life (which I must say is often) he would comment ‘Well tomorrow’s another day’. Optimistic cheery stuff like that!

Image result for old man in yoga class

I attempt to fend off my  pessimism almost  daily it seems.

 An  optimistic friend of mine said yesterday that she NEVER turns on the news. ‘If something happens that I need to know about someone will tell me’ she said.

That’s a good way to do it.

She might be one of the few true optimists left that I know but is it because she ignores everything?

I suppose if you lived in your own little ‘happy bubble’ you could remain an optimist eh?

So do you wonder where the true optimists are?
Are there many left in this crazy world?
If so, who are they and why are they optimistic?

Anyway, it is just an observance I had today.

Hope you have an optimistic week! 🙂


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