or not?

Sunsets, Friendship, Cuddling a cat. Great conversation.

Noticing the colors of a rainbow.

The sound of a babbling mountain stream.





A good hot steaming cup of coffee?

(Well, almost free. 34 cents per KEURIG cup!)



was wondering about this topic today after my conversation with a spiritually attuned wise friend of mine.

We had a very long chat. We chat at least once a week and I love our deep talks. She is a meditation coach among other things. She doesn’t charge me anything for her time.

She sincerely likes to share her wisdom, her strength and her time.

Whereas other therapists I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had a few) seemed to look at their watches when ‘time was UP!”.


You have to leave NOW!!

With her and I she never does that. She seems to wait until we are done with our chat and when there is a lull in the conversation — and when we both seem to be done talking. Its an instinctual thing. We both mutually agree to end the chat and it feels right.

Its a wonderful thing. I get so much out of our talks.

I tell her often how much it means to me to have her wisdom and friendship. She even tells me to text her at ANYTIME during the week with any other stuff.

I’m sure you have friends/mentors like this in your life. I hope you tell them often how much you appreciate them!

Funny but a recent male therapist I paid decent money to NEVER did this. Nope. God no. He was NOT available at any time.

So I might’ve just made my point!

This woman is a very valuable asset in my life and costs me nothing.

She might even be MORE VALUABLE than this other therapist guy who charged me high dollar.

So in this case the best things in life ARE free. This is good to know.

Love, Dreams, Friends, A wish come true, Time. ALL FREE!

SoI was talking to my dad on the phone the other day. He is 86. He’s from that generation where Money is KING!!

I had to stop myself from debating with him when he said ‘MONEY is where its at baby!’

Yeah Yea Dad. I know you feel that way.

I know life is DAMN EASIER when you have money. Trust me I’m feeling this crunch right now since retiring from my art business and dedicating myself to my writing.

Money is not the reason most people turn to writing. That’s for damn sure.

Author Neil Gaiman said this. I love it.

‘NOTHING I DID WHEN I ONLY DID IT FOR THE MONEY was EVER WORTH IT except as bitter experience.’

The things I did because I was excited and I wanted to see them exist in reality have never let me down I never regretted the time I spent on ANY OF THEM…

So, I’ve never had a steady flow of finances in my life. I’ve rarely had financial security. (Well except for about 8 years when I owned my art studio/gallery when I had a steady flow of income)

The few times I HAVE had a lot of money I don’t recall being that much happier or peaceful though.

Today I think I might be more grateful and appreciative if I did have steady income, no doubt about that, but I wouldnt trade creative inspiration for money — Or cuddling a cat OR a rainbow OR a sunrise OR great friends.

Nah. Those things are truly the most valuable to me.

Anyway, it’s an interesting thought to ponder today.

Do you believe this saying to be true?

Are the BEST things in life really free?

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