gerund or present participle: combining


  1. synonyms:amalgamate, integrate, incorporate, merge, mix, fuse,blend; More

synonyms:co-operate, collaborate, join forces, get together, unite, team up, throw in one’s lot;

I’ve  always been a creative person and I just discovered that I’ve always loved COMBINATIONS of things.

I groove on COMBINING things that others might not see. Putting things together and making a new ‘thing’ has always excited me.

It dawned on me today that I am happiest in my life when COMBINING elements together which is why I’m in such a groove now designing my new shoes for my ARTISTIC SHOE business!

  • Back when I wrote songs it was fun COMBINING lyrics with music. When I produced or sang in concert it was always fun to me to COMBINE different songs together in medleys. (I always loved medleys a lot).
  • When I spent many years making art for my first mixed media art business I was COMBINING different elements together like my drawings and paintings with words and sculptures with calligraphy to rhinestones with whatever I could find.
  • In writing it is all about COMBINING also. Combining thoughts with words, sentences with paragraphs. COMBINING a beginning, a middle and end in to a story.

With my newest creative venture, my Art Shoe business I realized I’m grooving because it’s the same thing — COMBINING!!! This could be why I feel so driven and happy again.

I’m busily COMBINING my drawings and ideas with vibrant colorful paint markers with design, and other elements into my one of a kind shoes.

I’m so glad to be back in my ‘happy space’ COMBINING AWAY!

Some shoes I’ve been working on this week

I found this quote that might describe the creative COMBINING process perfectly.

“Creativity is seeing the intersection of seemingly unrelated topics and COMBINING them into something new.” — Brian Clark

P.S.- This is why I love writing so much sometime.. You just never know what gems you can find when you sit down to put pen to paper.


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