Not one but two synchronistic things happened yesterday.

First, I  saw this article by Chad Gillls called ‘You won’t win until they start betting against you’. It reminded me of me lately.

I am starting a brand new exciting business venture. No one is really ‘betting against me’ but I do feel that I need to protect my idea (like protecting a baby) from any type of negative energy or doubters so I haven’t said much about it to too many people.

Today a psychic(yes psychic) friend called me and said excitedly,

“I know your idea is going to be SO BIG! Its gonna explode. You will have to hire assistants to help you soon. I just feel it. I know it.’

Ok I did get excited but not because she said that. But, because deep down I feel the exact same way. I don’t want to jinx it by talking about my excitement to too many people though. I don’t want to hear any naysayers tell me all the reasons it cant be done or who seem bored with it.

I only want to hang around with supportive people — A few people who really ‘get’ what I’m doing.

I’m also not in any hurry. I know it might take awhile to figure everything out about my business.

All good things take time.

I am so grateful I am not being rushed. I am thankful that my boyfriend is supporting my new business enterprise and is aware it might take time to get it up and running and for now is supporting me and our 5 fur kids. (cats)

He says there is a learning curve and I agree totally.

Honestly, I feel a bit possessed by an inner ‘force’ lately — like a mad scientist.

I get up every day and work all day on new ideas, concepts, designs and techniques. I keep myself focused on ‘learning’ which is key to me. you know how you just KNOW you are onto something? Well, I know this.

More synchronicity

So yesterday I got a text from a friend who said ‘Read this article’. Funny but it was the exact article I had up and ready to read by Chad Gills.

I love synchronicity!

This article was about Sara Blakely the inventor of the product ‘Spanx’. I could relate to almost every single word.

Here are just a few highlights from this article that I resonated with.

‘Let them bet against you. Guard your ideas. Take massive action. Explain your ideas and understand that people will try anything to pick them apart. Set standards for yourself that are high enough to make others wildly uncomfortable around you.’

I feel this way about my new business venture.

‘OK, I want to invent or create a product that I can sell that’s my own and not somebody else’s, and I want it to be something I can sell to millions of people. And I want it to be something that makes people feel good.’ I wrote that specifically in my journal, and I just kept looking for when it was going to show up in my life. I was on high alert.”

I say almost this exact thing to myself. “I just want to make people feel good and do what I’m best at”.

More from the article:

‘After writing those words, THE idea eventually came to her, and she got to work. Word got out that she was working on something… that she had inventedsomething. She devoted nights and weekends to it, skipped parties, and stopped hanging out with those “friends” who were quietly waiting to rationalize away any of her ideas.’

Yep. This is me. I am super duper motivated. I am laser focused on my invention now while in my ‘Research and Development’ stage.

“A bunch of people had heard I had invented something and came up to me and said, ‘You know… business is war.’ I just didn’t accept that and I didn’t believe that. I believed that it could be different.”

Yep. Yep. Just because people say the economy is bad or other doubting words I choose not to accept it and stay focused on the prize!

Early in her invention stage she went to a business meeting and was the only woman there. The men were laughing at her. She could tell they doubted her.

“They all later admitted to me they were placing bets on how long I would last in the group, and how long my business would last too.”

Thankfully, she was too busy taking action to notice.

(This is me too.)

She wasn’t moving fast, in fact she was moving quite slow. But as they say in the military, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. She spent three months designing and redesigning the packaging. It took her another year and a half to settle on a name.

By now, several of the people who doubted her were starting to warm up to the idea. Friends and family tried out her product. Through her persistence,she finally got one manufacturer to agree to build her idea after his daughters said they wanted it.

Eventually, she got awarded her own patent and trademark for her creation, and closed her first major sale with Neiman Marcus.

She kept visualizing what she wanted every step of the way. After years of effort, her product was ready, complete with bright red packaging and a name that was perfect… SPANX.

Yep, I am visualizing what I want every step of the way too. Yea!

Sara believed that her thoughts and ideas could become self-fulfilling prophecies. She guarded her belief and nurtured her ideas, never allowing them to be killed in the cradle.

In my case I am also guarding my words being sure I only speak positively about my progress too.

Sara Blakely eventually turned her $5,000 of savings into $1 billion over the next several years. She became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

I love this article. I am not saying I expect my idea to be worth a billion dollars but hey, for now I am doing all the right things.

So reading this medium article on Sara Blakely was just what I needed. I am happy to know another woman I can look up to for inspiration.

Hey, thanks medium and thanks Chad Gills for writing it! Oh, and thanks Universe for the synchronicity.

Back to work.

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