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So today I just want to share how much the kindness of someone made my day.

I am attempting to start a new business venture (a one of a kind Art Shoe business) with literally NO capital.

$7 in our account after bills have been paid so not enough to invest eh? but I have this dream of doing my new ARTISTIC SHOES.

It feels like I’ve been ‘called’ to it.

I have the new website: and I’ve been busy making shoes all day for over a week now.

There is definitely a learning curve involved when you start doing something new.

Teaching myself this new craft is fun but isn’t gonna happen overnight.

It will take time to perfect and get proficient at this., but I know I can do it and I will do it.

I am a determined creative person:)

Plus I am motivated by my 5 sweet yet demanding cats who need to eat.


So out of the blue today on Facebook, right when I was contemplating deleting my Facebook account (lol) a friend gave me a $100 ‘loan’ — ’investment in my business.

Wow. Almost made me cry, seriously.

I didn’t ask but he gave.

Don’t you just love when this sorta stuff happens?

He knew I had a hard year. He must’ve sensed how much I loved my new business idea. I know it’s a great wonderful opportunity but I don’t have money to invest in it.

So there was a sign from the Universe that I’m doing the right thing.

This was also a day when many of my friends have been spouting about how sad the state of the world is and how there is no kindness left in the world — only shitty dreary depressing scary news since Trump got in office.

Well, here is some GOOD NEWS.

People are kind and I’m thankful for that.


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